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品牌 : Patek Philippe
系列 : Grand Complications
型號 : 5520RG-001
腕錶 : 自動上鍊機械機芯。機芯 Caliber AL 30‑660 S C FUS。以傳統單音簧鳴報的24小時鬧鐘。視窗式鬧鐘時間顯示。視窗式鬧鐘開/關顯示。視窗式鬧鐘晝/夜顯示。雙時區裝置:當地與原居地時間顯示。視窗式當地和原居地時間晝/夜顯示。指針式日期顯示與當地時間同步。中心大秒針。
錶盤 : 灰色日輝紋,搭配覆螢光塗層的炭灰色白金立體字塊。
錶殼 : 玫瑰金和白金。直徑:42.2毫米。厚度:11.6毫米。防水係數30公尺。可互換底蓋和藍寶石水晶透蓋。
錶帶 : 復古栗色小牛皮。玫瑰金平行針扣。

BRAND : Patek Philippe
MODEL : Grand Complications
WATCH : Self-winding mechanical movement. Caliber AL 30‑660 S C FUS. 24-hour alarm with chime on a classic gong. Alarm time displayed in an aperture. Alarm on/off indication in an aperture. Alarm day/night indication in an aperture. Two time zones: local and home time indication. Day/night indication for local time and home time in apertures. Date coupled with local time by hand. Sweep seconds.
DIAL : Gray sunburst, charcoal gray white gold applied numerals with luminescent coating.
CASE : Rose gold and white gold. Diameter: 42.2 mm. Thickness: 11.6 mm. Water-resistant to 30 m. Interchangeable solid and sapphire crystal case backs.
STRAP : Calfskin, chestnut with vintage finish. Rose gold clevis prong buckle.

經本公司出售Patek Philippe全新錶,
AE 12個月分期 (3.8% )手續費
匯豐&渣打12,24,36個月分期 (6.5%,9%, 10.5%)
歡迎查詢 :+852 6128 2828
門市地址: 銅鑼灣廣場一期地下 G10B

All pre-owned Rolex watches sold by our company are guaranted to be  authenticated. 
Inquery at one of our shops are welcome. 
American Express 12-month installment plan (3.8% handling charges). 
HSBC & Standard Chartered 12, 24, 36-month installment plan (6.5%, 9%, 10.5% handling charges). 
For inquiries, please contact: +852 6128 2828. 
Store address: G10B, Basement, Phase 1, Causeway Bay Plaza. "MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit B"


Due to the fluctuation in market prices and continuous changes in inventory, the website may not reflect the latest information. Please contact our store to confirm prices and availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5520RG-001 - New

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